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Reupholstery - the beginning of Ellrose - old antique chair to chic velvet chair

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

In the earlier days, I taught myself to upholster and upcycle furniture. This was a chair that I reupholstered for a customer. The customer wanted gold fabric and something classy.  So this is what I did to it.... 

This is the process of stripping it down, which took 5.5 hours.  Lots of staples, tacks etc and very old crumbling foam, trim, batting, card etc.  

As I worked on the chair I decided to remove the springs as they had lost their springiness.  The varnish was stripped off back to original wood. 

The frame was painted white and sprayed with a protective layer.

I traditionally reupholstered the chair with webbing, hessian, upholstery foam.

I added hessian to the back rest too and measured the upholstery foam into place. 

I worked on the back rest first, this consisted of many layers as you can see in the photo.

I’ve used an interliner that meets fire regulations too as the top layer of fabric is not match resistant.

Next I worked on the seat.  On top of the wadding interliner was used again.  

The back was covered in hessian. 

The final chair.  Gold crushed velvet fabric, white paint and daisy tacks for edging.  This was one of my first reupholstery challenges, the customer was very happy with their chair.  

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